Coral Adventures

Children's Story and Game

Coral Adventures




Sweet-lime Design


Concept, character and sound design, script, voice-over, animation

Coral Adventures was created to teach children about shapes, colors and patterns. The ocean waters are host to the story and game. They have an abundance of creatures who themselves are a perfect demonstration of the elements in nature.

In order to gain a better understanding of life in the Coral Reef I researched books, magazines and movies.From this research I developed the characters and settings for the project.

The Story

The story provides an introduction to the characters and sets the stage for the game. In the story Estevan is faced with a small delay when Pedro's fishing gets out of hand and causes him to lose the pictures he has taken for his sister. The children are asked to help him solve it in the game.

The Game

In the game, Estevan needs help finding the fish to take their pictures. The children are presented with a variety of fish from which they have to point out the right one. To snap the picture the child must click on the fish.

Story and Game Elements